College Sports Recruiting Highlight Videos

A recruiting highlight video is questionably the most important thing that student-athletes send to college coaches for evaluation.  This is your chance to “wow” the coach.  This is your chance to show the coaches not only what you are capable of, and why THEY NEED YOU on their team.   Here are some great examples of recruiting videos of multiple sports.  Watch the example video for your sport, find out what you need to make a recruiting video.  Learn about third party services that will assist you in creating a professionally made, spot-shadowed highlight video that will show your skills off best. 

Baseball Recruiting Video

Basketball Recruiting Video

Cross Country Recruiting Video

Field Hockey Highlight Video

Football Highlight Video

Hockey Highlight Video

Lacrosse Highlight Video

Soccer Highlight Video

Swimming Highlight Video

Tennis Highlight Video

Track and Field Highlight Video

Volleyball Highlight Video

Water Polo Highlight Video

Wrestling Highlight Video

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