Anyone starting the recruiting process has dozens of questions.  Here are some High School Recruiting Facts!

How should a high school student athlete go about starting the recruiting process? What is the first step?

The first step that we always suggest is getting an evaluation from a third party to realize where you can realistically play in college. That way you can target the proper schools. If you too young to realize where you might fit, then educating yourself about the process is key.

It seems that there is a trend of athletes committing earlier and earlier. When should a high school athlete first start the recruiting process? What is your opinion on high school students committing earlier? Do you agree with it or are you against it?

The reality is that this will occur more and more. There is no sense fighting the trend. If an athlete is serious about playing in college they should start immediately. If they come to that realization in 8th grade, then its probably time to start. In the history of recruiting no one has ever gotten started too early or had too much help.

How important is it for recruits to establish that initial contact?

Unless you are the absolute cream of the crop you will have to reach out to schools to make first contact. Even if you have offers from dozens of schools, you wont hear from hundreds of other programs that might be a great fit unless you reach out.

I was wondering what you think the number one most common misconception is when it comes to recruiting?

They all are very damaging to kids wanting to play in college, but probably the worst is the thought, “If I’m good enough, they’ll find me.” Many professional athletes have fallen into this myth.  The other giant trap is expecting your high school coach to get you recruited.  A coach doesn’t have the time, resources and most importantly relationships to get all of his athletes recruited.  It’s up to you to make yourself known to college coaches.

What is the best piece of advice you could give an athlete beginning the recruiting process?

Start now, work hard, be pro-active reaching out and never ever fail to explore an option.

How can recruits set themselves apart? I’ve heard answers varying from it depends on what tournaments or camps you attend to maybe the use of technology and sending coaches links to highlight videos online.

You can set yourself apart in many ways. Obviously setting yourself apart athletically is the easiest way to catch a coach’s eye, but you can also set yourself apart in the classroom and in the community. The most important thing to remember is that you could be a great fit for hundreds of schools, but if you don’t reach out they wont have a chance to see why you are a unique recruit.

NCSA uses it’s propitiatory Recruit-Match technology to match athletes with college coaches.  Since they only send coaches the right fit, their athletes stand out from the hundreds of DVD’s being mailed.  It greatly enhances their college athletic scholarship potential.

Is there anything important that every athlete should know?

Remember: this game of recruiting is more than a game: It is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to impact the rest of your child’s life. You cannot go back and redo this process.

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