Always open with “Dear Coach ___ (last name)” and refer to the school by name. Thank the coach for the information they sent you (if applicable).

Begin by telling the coach your name, grad year, where you are from and what team(s) you play for.

Tell them you are interested in their school and team. Tell the coach WHY you are interested. Use specific details you learned when researching the school. (Example: I have always dreamt of playing for a DI school in the Midwest and I am also impressed with the pre-med program ABC College offers). Tell the coach a little more about yourself including any upcoming competitions (if applicable) you will be participating in.

     Include all of your contact information

Janey Smith
555 West Row Street
Chicago, IL 60642
Cell Phone: 555-555-5555
Home Phone: 555-555-5556

Dear Coach _____,

Thank you for sending me information on the women’s track program at ABC University.  My name is Janey Smith and I graduate in 2011.  I run for the varsity track team at East Chicago High School in Chicago, IL.  I am very interested in ABC University and the track and field program.  I have always dreamt of running at a Big Eleven Conference College in the Midwest and am also extremely impressed with the Pre-Med Program that ABC offers. 

Here is a link to my recruiting profile, where you can view my highlight video, statistics, and academic information.  As a sophomore, I ran for the varsity team with personal bests of 25.8 in the 200m and 58.4 in the 400m.  I also have a 3.8 GPA through my first two years of high school.

 Our first meet is a week from this Saturday.  Thank you again for your time, I would greatly appreciate any feedback on my highlight video or other things I should be working on. 


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