Tennis Scholarship Guidelines

Curious where you fall with your stats in the college divisions? Here are the guidelines to what each Division (Division I-III, NAIA, NJCAA) expects from their potential student-athletes. See where you fit in best!

College Tennis Recruiting Timelines

Are you on check with your recruiting? Here’s a checklist and timeline of what you should be doing as a freshman, sophomore, junior and senior in High School. Don’t fall behind!

Tennis Recruiting Video

Having a good recruiting video, following what the college coaches want, might make or break your chances at your dream school. Here is a great example of a good recruiting video should look like.

Tennis Recruiting Letter

When you are contacting college coaches, do you know what to say? Here are a few examples of what your cover letter should look like when introducing yourself to new college coaches.

Tennis Rankings

Here are the Preseason College Rankings for Tennis! All Divisions!


Guide to where the best camps that will give you the most exposure to college coaches!

Connect with College Coaches
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