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I received this email from a concerned parent last:

Last week after my son came went on an official visit to a college, he came home less than impressed, and said he felt that that was not the college for him.  The students from the team that he was with, had a drunken party (although not all drank).  While staying in a dorm room that night with one of them, my son listened to this guy set up several times during the night to “puke” as he put it.

The next morning the coach asked the guys: “Did you get drunk?”.

Guys: Yes.

Coach: Did you do anything stupid?”

Guys: No.

Coach: “Good”.

My son said he realizes that drinking (until you get drunk and sick) goes on in college, but his concluding statement was: “On a recruiting visit? …come on!”.

THINK THIS IS A RECRUITING RED FLAG?!!!!!!!!!!!  A responsible student-athlete knows that recruiting visits are business trips.  This decision will affect the next 40 years of your life.  Make sure you get it right!

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