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Recruiting 10 January 2011 Comments Off

ShareWe met hundreds of recruits this past weekend at the US Army All-American Bowl. However, despite some of their considerable talents, they lacked a general understanding about the college athletic recruiting process. If recruits don’t understand what they have to do, the chances of being overlooked by college coaches skyrockets. If you are serious about [...]

What is a Verified Recruit?

Recruiting 5 January 2011 Comments Off

ShareCollege coaches receives thousands of inquiries from high school student-athletes every month (if not week).  How do they sort through the various emails, letters, DVD’s, Video files and phone calls?  Its pretty simple really; THEY DON’T.  Coaches don’t have the time to search for the diamond in the rough, so they rely on reliable sources [...]

What are Your Odds?

Recruiting 4 January 2011 Comments Off

ShareI hear way too many student-athletes talk about hopefully they have a chance to go pro.  The real number they should be things about is their chance to play past college! A new NCAA study that was released examined the professional probabilities of athletes in mens and women’s basketball, football, baseball, men’s hockey and men’s soccer.  The [...]

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