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General 12 January 2011 Comments Off

ShareTo kick off the first thought of the New Year I wanted to take some time to make sure everyone starts of 2011 on the right foot.  As we think ahead about all of the things that we as individuals, and as a collective whole, are going to accomplish in2011,  every individual that aspires for [...]

Athletic Director Support

General 12 January 2011 Comments Off

ShareDoes your Athletic Director support your efforts to play college sports?  What can he do?  Can he call college coaches for you?  Can he send hundreds of emails to coaches?  Can he drive you to camps and combines? Can he create a highlight video for you? It would be ridiculous to expect him to do [...]

Is College Athletics a Sweatshop?

General 11 January 2011 Comments Off

ShareThe debate has raged for years about whether or not college athletes should be paid for their hard work and the money they generate for Universities.  Some argue the athletic scholarship is payment enough while others believe they should receive some of the riches bestowed upon the school by seven figure media deals.  This recent [...]

Narrowing the List

General 3 January 2011 Comments Off

ShareOur feeling is that once you have narrowed your list of schools that you’re interested in to around 5 or so, it can be very important to attend one of the camps that those schools have on campus. The benefits of attending a school’s camp are: 1. Showcase your ability in a small group vs. [...]

Its a Recruiting Visit, Not a Frat Visit

General 16 December 2010 Comments Off

ShareI received this email from a concerned parent last: Last week after my son came went on an official visit to a college, he came home less than impressed, and said he felt that that was not the college for him.  The students from the team that he was with, had a drunken party (although not [...]

Why Do You Need to be a Verified Recruit?

General 1 December 2010 Comments Off

ShareWhat does Verified mean? It means that college coaches can trust your recruiting information as 100% accurate. In the NCSA Recruiting Network, Verified Recruits are are viewed by more than 36 college coaches on average… 10 times more than Unverified recruits! In order to get verified, have your parents call 866-579-6272 OR email with [...]

NCAA Recruiting: December Calendars

General 24 November 2010 Comments Off

ShareMen’s Basketball, Women’s Basketball: Evaluation Period except for below: December 24-26 Dead Period Cross Country/Track and Field: December 1-12 Contact Period December 13-31 Quiet Period except for below: December 13 (12:01 am) -17 (12:01 am) Dead Period Men’s Lacrosse: December 1-23 Quiet Period December 24-31 Dead Period Baseball, Women’s Lacrosse: December Quiet Period Softball: Quiet [...]

Less than 80 Days Until Signing Day!

General 18 November 2010 Comments Off

ShareDid you know that there are less than 80 days until National Signing Day for the class of 2011 and football scholarships are running short? Hopefully, you have received interest from dozens of coaches around the country and just have to narrow your choices.  If you haven’t received an offer yet, your college football recruiting [...]

What Happens on a Recruiting Visit?

General 17 November 2010 Comments Off

ShareAlmost every athlete that plays college sports will visit a campus before making their decision. It is a critical step in the college sports recruiting decision making process because it provides the athlete and coach insight they otherwise would be unable to gather. Unfortunately, many families are also going through the process for the first [...]

When Does College Recruiting Start? (Live Web Event)

General 17 November 2010 Comments Off

ShareDid you know that college coaches begin identifying prospects as early as 7th and 8th grade in some sports? Every year thousands of recruits fail to maximize their recruiting potential and finish their career saying, “I wish I had started the process earlier.”  Don’t let that happen to you! Did you know that college coaches [...]

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