Attention All Parents of Student Athletes::Do You want to help your kid get  athletic scholarships??? Here’s How!

Every parent wants to help guide their kids on the right path, and when your kids are athletes, they might want to play their favorite sport in college!  We have come up with 8 guidelines to help your athlete to achieve their college sports goal.

Here we go…

Rule #1

Don’t be a helicopter mom or we dad.

Rule #3

Parents should be their child’s assistant and mentor, not just the cheerleader.

Rule #2

Teach humility.

Rule #4

Parents need to create a specific plan and follow it.

Rule #5

Parents should be realistic and get an honest evaluation of an athlete from a high school coach, club coach, or scouting organization.

Rule #6

Parents should know their Expected Family Contribution.

Rule #7

The greater the distance, the greater the opportunities

Rule #8

Parents should not risk their child’s collegiate future by relying solely on the coach.

Coach’s Tip: “It isn’t unusual to drop a prospect from the recruiting board because the parents are a problem,” said Randy Taylor, former recruiting coordinator for UCLA.

Coach’s Tip:  “The mark of a good parent is an athlete who succeeds even without parents looking over his shoulders,” said Chmiel.

Last but not least, HAVE FUN!!! This process may seem very hard, complicated and exhausting, but you will get to visit some great schools, and help you son/daughter make not just a 4 year decision, a 40 year decision.

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